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Chris S.

My income for the past three years was within a couple thousand dollars of each other. I was stuck and could not figure out how to break the cycle. Since Cyndi took me on as a student, in a down year for the industry, my income has soared over 12%!


I’m very grateful for the time spent with Cyndi. Enrolling in her coaching program was one of the better decisions I’ve made in life. She is without doubt the best leader I have ever met. She is the essence of servant leadership!


Right from the start, it was very clear that Cyndi was vested into helping me achieve my goals. She was my biggest fan and never stopped encouraging along the way. She always delivered an uplifting environment and positive attitude. She enlightened and coached how to approach challenges with a different point of view. She held me accountable without feeling brow-beaten.  Interestingly, at the very end of our six month program, it was apparent that Cyndi discerned much more about me then my professional goals. Unbeknownst to me, the entire time she was teaching me to trust my instincts and not so self-critical. Which ultimately, were the two biggest obstacles holding me back from the next level of my career.

Steve N.

I have been in the Mortgage Industry for close to 18 years but it wasn’t until I started working with Cyndi Garza that I was finally able to bring my business to the next level.  With Cyndi Garza’s coaching I was able to break the glass ceiling and double my income.  Cyndi Garza is the best Business Coach I have ever had the opportunity to work with

Olivia J.

I have struggled immensely with getting out of my own head and not wanting to come off to family and friends as too "salsey". It's my worst fear as a consultant for a company due to the fact it seems like everyone is a consultant for some type of company these days. I love your saying "Don't be embarrassed to do it, be embarrassed not to do it" because I truly need to get out of my own head, and again, in your words, "If you're embarrassed, you are thinking too much about yourself." All in all , I greatly appreciated the webinar and now am so determined to excel as a consultant for this company because i love it! Thank you so much for all of the great information!

Aly I.

After listening to some of your podcasts I started implementing thank you notes as a token of gratitude after working with brands and business! And let me tell you, the response from the businesses was the most rewarding part! Thank you for empowering me to make one small change that would make a business relationship so much more meaningful!

Kathleen C.

We haven't touched base in a bit but I wanted to let you know that your podcast has launched 1,000 ships, so to speak.  After I listened to it, it started to change my thinking and so, the quick story, I've left Keller Williams and opened my own brokerage firm, Icon Premium Realty, located in Osprey.  I just thought you'd like to know how you have influenced things.  Thanks so much and I hope to see you next time you're in town!

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