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Welcome to the year of your biggest breakthroughs. Join my inner circle of movers and shakers and unlock the superpower within you. This intimate container is all about personal branding + systems + accountability + growth.

You’ll be getting my hands-on blueprint for up-leveling your income without burnout or stress. 

This is more than a mastermind, we are a community.
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In a world that continues to become impersonal Kimberly finds the importance in face-to-face relationships. She has spent the last nine years building her mortgage business and balancing the life of being a mother of four. When asked earlier this year what she loves about her business, the answer was hands down the time spent with the people. Kimberly’s lending business grew quickly based off her passion for helping others and building new relationships.  Her business growth has predominantly come from her desire to connect others in her community to build their own businesses. Kimberly works hard to make sure that each client and business partner understands their value and feels understood.

In September of 2013 Kimberly was hired as an assistant to grow the marketing side of a loan officers’ business. She quickly built and leveraged strong relationships to excel and start a business of her own helping clients understand and obtain homeownership with someone they trusted. It is very important for her to bring peace to those during the important event of buying a home. Kimberly is always looking for ways to develop in her business and personal life. She is always participating in business and personal coaching to assure that she is continuing to balance and develop so that she can better serve family, friends, business partners and clients. “Life is a story, and we all have one, it is our responsibility to use our story to encourage, love, develop and serve others in all aspects of our day-to-day life. My lending business with Movement Mortgage is just a tool for me to use to love one another and remind others of their value. “

One-on-One + Group Coaching

If you are interested in taking your life and your career to the next level and are looking for accountability and support, you are in the right place. Book a call with me and let's discuss if coaching is a good fit for you.

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