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Welcome to the year of your biggest breakthroughs. Join my inner circle of movers and shakers and unlock the superpower within you. This intimate container is all about personal branding + systems + accountability + growth.

You’ll be getting my hands-on blueprint for up-leveling your income without burnout or stress. 

This is more than a mastermind, we are a community.
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Janine has been thriving in the Mortgage Industry since 1998 and has worn a variety of, "hats" including Title and Account Management, Processing, Sales support, and Office Management, up until 2007, when she brought all of these skills and experiences together and made the leap into Mortgage Loan Origination.

Janine's exuberant personality, persistence, and impeccable attention to detail represent an unusual combination of traits that makes her the best at what she does. Janine's passion for maintaining great, lifelong relationships has led her to help hundreds in her community to reach their goal of home ownership and most consider her more of a friend than simply the mortgage professional who helped them obtain a loan.

Janine's drive and energy are derived from her love of remaining physically fit and exploring all that a healthy lifestyle can offer, such as skiing, yoga, meditation, lifting weights, enjoying the outdoors, and being a dedicated giver to her community.

Janine considers herself to be a "Lifer" in the Mortgage Industry with a goal of leaving a legacy of secure and satisfied homeowners and a community that is, to some degree even better, due to her direct involvement and positive impact.

One-on-One + Group Coaching

If you are interested in taking your life and your career to the next level and are looking for accountability and support, you are in the right place. Book a call with me and let's discuss if coaching is a good fit for you.

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