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It’s hard to admit the reason why you didn’t get the lead.

I never wanted to admit the reason I didn't get the client or the sale. It felt better to blame it on the price, the product, or whatever else I could think of.

The real reason people will not purchase is that they have not found enough value in what YOU are offering. This is not a corporate problem, this is a You problem. At a recent conference, a beautiful woman raised her hand and asked if we would discount our coaching. The short answer is No. The fact she asked the question, is excellent feedback for me because it lets me know I haven't shared the results she will achieve. I was sharing the features, not the result or benefit. If a client tells you they want to shop prices, or if they share the price they found elsewhere, it is important for you to understand that they just gave you great feedback. You now know you need to improve the process of explaining your value. A friend called me recently to tell me she wanted to resign from her company because "their" pricing was just out of the market. Don’t let price/product define your value! There are other ways to add value to your services. In an industry where most people have the same product, selling your service is not the answer. What can you do to add more value? Have some other things to offer in your presentation that add layers to your value.

Here's how I added more value to my clients… A client phoned me to check interest rates (I was a loan officer at the time). I gave her a range of our rates. She replied, "Okay, thank you I was advised that I must check with three different companies, you are very nice and I appreciate your commitment to service for an excellent client experience, so I will just make the calls and call you back." Here is how I responded:

"Wonderful, I actually encourage you to shop around because I know the rate and price you pay is no comparison to the value I bring, after our first appointment, you will receive my customized "Home Buyer Packet" which is valued at over $1,000. It is filled with coupons and offers from your local community for discounts on everything from actual moving, boxes for moving, pizza night, and things that you will need the entire first year. You will receive a special invite into my private circle where we host events throughout the year regarding wealth building, home decor, and home improvements and where we have a lot of fun with an annual client event for your entire family. My business is built 100% on referrals and I go above and beyond during the life of the loan, as well as, a lifetime rate watch for you along with an annual review to check on everything. Her response: "When do I get the buyer packet? (didn't wait for a reply ) Yes, I would like to work with you."

This may not be what you want to offer, but it was a lot of fun to put together the buyer packet I promised.

I met with community owners and asked for discounts and freebies for my clients and in turn, they would be advertised in my Home Buyer Packet, I began building layers of value. It worked, I no longer felt like I was offering the same thing as everyone else. I thought I would share an exercise with you, we do with some of our coaching clients. Create a Client HomeBuyer Packet (can also give to refinances).

As far as the coaching question, I can share with you that I have spent my entire career helping people grow their businesses, become strong leaders, build a strong personal brand, and work with them to be the one in their industry who stands out. There is a process to it, there is a strategy.

I am lucky to have added 14 Success Strategist Coaches to my team who are the best of the best.

If you want more ways to grow your business, have that person who is in your corner providing high-level strategy for growth, and as a by-product, you get invited to private mastermind events, discounts with The Marketing Firm for your branding, and are now in a circle with the best of the best. If you are ready for this next level of long-term success click here. Next week I would like to discuss "What They are Really Saying When They Have to Check With Their Partner or Spouse" before they commit to you.

White Sparkles and Blazer! Here’s what I wore while speaking at Momentum Builders in Las Vegas! If you are going to use a mic make sure you wear something that can hold it I’m wearing a blazer because it makes it so much easier.

Let's talk! Struggling with finding balance in your career and personal life? Looking to scale your business? Book a call with me and let's strategize your next steps!

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