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Is your Home and Business the Happiest Place on Earth?

Disney’s motto is they want to be the happiest place on earth.

How would you like to create that in your home and your business? Pure happiness! Dan Kennedy recently shared a behind-the-scenes story on how Disney worked to create the happiest place on earth that I know can help you too! The Think Tank discovered people felt happy when things were clean.

Wait not mindset but cleanliness?

Think about it, if you go to a hotel and the service is amazing, the food is great and they have all the amenities you could ever imagine but it is dirty. Are you happy?

If you go to a restaurant and the service is impeccable and the food is the best but it is dirty, are you happy? Cleanliness can bring a sense of accomplishment, and help you feel organized and in a truly calm state.

Take the Disney motto and bring that to your life.

1. Pick a room and detox or cupboard or closet each day and complete a physical detox. Remove what you don’t use, wear, or does not bring a sense of joy (Marie Kundo method). Make sure everything in your house has a place. Click here for my top picks!

2. Clean out your car and get it detailed and remove the extra items that may have been collected. Put a little basket with essentials that you may need. Click here for my top picks!

3. Remove the clutter in your office/business. Begin using google drive or any other digital format to take notes-make this year THE YEAR you finally become paperless. Remove the sticky notes! Create an office you look forward to going into each day. Click here for my top picks!

End Your Workday On a Good Note.

At the end of each work day, tidy up your office and have it reset for a successful day tomorrow. Continue the same process in your home, remove the clutter and take some time to put everything in the “place” you have designated for each item. Create the environment each evening that you will want to begin a new day with each morning. I like to end the evening with a hot cup of my homemade tea. The recipe below and is my brain's signal knowing I have everything ready for tomorrow and now it is time to relax and reflect on my day. It is a proven fact cleanliness brings happiness.

Let's talk!

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