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I Remember My First Mortgage Girlfriend's Conference. I'll be honest I was skeptical

I have been to events that are for women and women can be tough. They can make you feel uncomfortable very quickly. They can also be very cliquey... I have been to events where other women will be in their little groups and not care who you are and would never think to invite you to sit with them. This experience was not the same. I was loosely invited by a woman named Lori who works at my company. I was intrigued and I am not even sure what drove me to attend but I was craving some female women who felt like I felt. I ended up booking my hotel late and couldn’t get a room at the hotel everyone was at so I booked one down the road. Lori mentioned that a few of the women were meeting the night before for an Italian dinner if I wanted to attend. I didn’t want to eat alone in a city I am not familiar with so I drove to the restaurant. Through the window, I saw two women who I tried to recruit over the years and both had politely declined the offer. I also saw a handful of other women who I didn’t know. I go ahead and join them. Right, when I walked in, one of the women who declined my recruiting efforts screamed my name like we were best friends since 3rd grade and she couldn’t wait to see me. I knew right away this was going to be a great night... and it was. The next day was the conference and I was late. I don’t like being late but I couldn’t find the building and the parking was a little bit of a challenge. I walked into a full room of women all talking and it appeared to me that maybe they just completed introducing themselves. I spot the women from dinner the night before and they are up at the front with no available seats at their tables. I make it across the room to a table with a group of women I don’t know. They politely introduce themselves and the woman next to me is a showstopper tall blonde I quickly discover she is one of the speakers.

From my interactions, since I arrived I could tell...These women are different.

The women from the first conference I attended several years ago are some of my closest friends. We have had a journey together since that day. We have had retreats, zoom calls, a few have been to my house and I hold a special place for these women in my heart. These are the women who will be at the event to welcome you, to make you feel important, to share all they can, and to be curious about you. You don't have to be in the Mortgage Industry to be a part of our 2023 BOLD MG Conference. This is a great event for entrepreneurs, Realtors, and Women in Finance. Join us for this magnetic event where we remain humble while becoming BOLDER and Stronger because of the community we have chosen to be in with each other.

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