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How can you quickly begin to gain the trust of your client or referral source?

"I need to check with my spouse." How many times have you heard that?

Have you ever been on a call with a lead and you feel like everything is going great… until they share they need to check with their spouse or partner and get back to you. You promise yourself that next time you will ask the classic "Is everyone who needs to make a decision on the call." I think we all have been in that position and the whole "is everyone who can make a decision on the call or in the meeting" can come across as a little condescending. I personally would never say it. However, when this does occur it is telling you one simple thing. You have not built enough trust. Studies have shown this objection is stated when they need more time to build more trust. How can you quickly begin to gain the trust of your client or referral source? Often we are on a call or in a virtual meeting so you must have some tools that you know can convey the trust that you have.

  1. Be honest. If there is something you are not sure of, let them know you will get back to them with the answer. Write it down-it shows you care enough to make a note to follow up.

  2. Call back and follow up with every small promise you made. If you said you would send a follow-up email with attachments, send the email… and mention at the beginning of the email “I am following up as promised”.

  3. Be respectful. Never make a disrespectful remark about the competition.

  4. Be clear on your value and how the result will help them. If you are not sure if it will help them, then be honest about it.

  5. Communicate simply. Refrain from using acronyms when you speak to clients or referral sources. They may not be familiar with those. Take the time to have clear and concise communication.

The number one thing I believe will help build trust is to have a process that you can explain to them.

How it will work for them and how you will be overseeing it to be sure they are protected throughout the entire process, the result they will obtain, and maybe a short story about someone else similar to them who succeeded in working with you.

Keep in mind people need to:

  1. Feel Safe

  2. Feel Protected

  3. Feel They Are Not Being Taken Advantage of

  4. Feel You really care

Did you notice it is all about how they feel? It is never about the logical side-people purchase from you based on emotion. Cater to the emotions!

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