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Breaking the Habit: How Weekend Work is Undermining Your Productivity

How many times have you told yourself that you will work the weekend to get caught up and be ready for the week?

I know I personally have done that for many years. What would happen is that on Saturday I would begin working and get distracted thinking of several other things I needed to do between errands, house items, family things. I would multi task or I would work for a couple of hours, then run an errand or do something around the house, and come back to working again. I would repeat this throughout the day. I kept telling myself how great I will feel Monday.

On Sunday I would feel like I didn’t get too much done on Saturday so I would spend some more time on it telling myself it will all be worth it Monday when I feel caught up and ready to go.

On Monday I was exhausted and actually resentful but didn’t realize it. I did know I disliked Monday and actually felt sick Sunday night thinking about Monday because it all began all over again and surprisingly I never felt caught up.

I decided to stop working weekends just to see how it would go. I would keep a little notebook of things I would think of I needed to do on Monday but I refused to sit in front of the computer and work on the weekends.

Guess what? The transformation came quickly. On Monday I was excited to get to work and begin tackling the list I created. I felt rested, I had balance and began loving Mondays and was energized ready to go.

I took it a step further and began not scheduling anything on Friday afternoons and dedicated it to learning things I have been wanting to study or just take a few hours and have fun reading.

I pushed it even more and stopped all meetings the last week of the month to knock out projects and have time to create. I am crossing off my to do list like never before by creating balance and creating time for the things I enjoy.

And to think for all those years, I thought I was getting more done. I was getting less done.

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