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5 things I would never do as a salesperson or loan officer in a corporate company.

  1. I would NEVER not build my own personal brand along with the company brand. Things happen and your personal brand will stay with you and will make you move valuable wherever you are. Especially if in sales.

  2. I would NEVER be available 24/7. I have seen the lack of boundaries create burnout faster than anything. Set hours and stick to it-the clients and referral sources will respect you for it.

  3. I would NEVER not study leadership. If you want to grow your business you will need a team around you and by studying leadership, you will grow in all areas of your life, and begin leading yourself better.

  4. I would NEVER not take my vacations. You need time to unplug and rest and reset to be fresh for your clients. Honestly, by trying to always work you are really thinking nothing can be done without you and that is thinking very highly of yourself and low of others. Take the time off.

  5. Lastly, I would NEVER think that there is not enough business out there for me. In my last 100 years in the mortgage industry, I have never had a year that didn’t end up being a great year with the business. People always need money and they move for life reasons. They add a family member, lose a family member, get a divorce, get married, get a new job, want investments, want to renovate, send kids to college, pay for a wedding, pay something off, etc. There is always a reason to need a mortgage. There is a lot of it out there waiting to work with you!

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