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Welcome to the year of your biggest breakthroughs. Join my inner circle of movers and shakers and unlock the superpower within you. This intimate container is all about personal branding + systems + accountability + growth.

You’ll be getting my hands-on blueprint for up-leveling your income without burnout or stress. 

This is more than a mastermind, we are a community.

Terri Murphy


As an entrepreneur who has built a successful business over the last 28 years, Terri Murphy started out
like the rest of us ... clueless! Early in her career, Terri learned to build a strong customer network, propelling her into the top 10 percent of a national sales organization. Her expertise is in consulting and developing educational initiatives for companies. executives and associations on ways to create new relationships through cutting-edge engagement combining online and traditional communication strategies.
Terri is a published best-selling author of five books focused on sales and leadership, a syndicated columnist, online television producer, and business e-communication consultant, and TedTalk® Speaker. She is a Master Certified Coach with Workman Success Systems, Emotional Intelligence Certified along with DISC, and the Founder of the Women’s Wisdom Network, a resource, and coaching network for


Currently, she serves as the Senior Editor and Producer for and RealtyTimesNewsTV, an online community for both real estate professionals and consumers. As a consultant to several Fortune 500 companies, Terri understands the critical need to interface online communication strategies that position her clients as the "Celebrity Authority" in their chosen space. She understands the unmatchable power of how to connect in a noisy and overcrowded marketplace to create powerful engagement in business today

One-on-One + Group Coaching

If you are interested in taking your life and your career to the next level and are looking for accountability and support, you are in the right place. Book a call with me and let's discuss if coaching is a good fit for you.

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