Be a part of the upcoming VIP Mastermind group! Take charge of all areas of your business and self care.

Dates: 11/19/2020- 10/21/2021


I. Success Plan-a lot of creation in mapping out what the year and each quarter will look like.  We deep dive goals, plans, what is holding you back, what is pushing your forward and we create the plan for success. You will feel clarity in what you want to accomplish and inspired to go bigger and do more than ever before. 

II.  Calendar-Creating Time-This will go into making sure your calendar is alive and a working tool with discipline around it.  We will incorporate theme days, months, and focus items.  This will bring you focus and allow you to celebrate your wins each day rather than feeling like a grind every day. 

III.  Process and Systems-Deep dive into your business, and create systems and processes around the initial call  from a client to funding/closing the loan. The systems are a MUST. The systems make it run automatically and you will be able to take time off and know there is a process and a system to keep things going as if you were there. 

IV.  Team Strategy-All things around the team to make sure you are running your business like a CEO would run a company and having the proper support around you. You will feel equipped to know what type of person and skill set you need to accomplish the job, You will know what role they will fill and that you are able to build a concierge team for your clients and referral sources.  

 V.  Leadership-Inspiring the team to take ownership, to work as hard as you would, to make sure the client and referral sources feel you are still connected. Often agents and customers can feel like you are handing them off and it doesn't feel good to anyone.  We will show you ways to make sure everyone feels you are still the one reaching out, connecting and communicating when in fact it is your team!

VI.  Sales-Increasing sales and volume to continually keep the pipeline full and flowing and earnings increased.   You should see a big spike in earnings without extra work.

VII- Self Care-always part of a success plan.  You have to make time for you and enjoy what you have built. 

VII. Money-Tracking the money to be sure you are tracking business expenses, personal expenses and continually saving.  This will allow you to feel in control in all areas of your life and be prepared for emergencies. 

VIII Personal Branding-Marketing and Shining a Spotlight on YOU as the expert, as the trusted advisor and create demand for you. 

IX  Accountability and Reviews throughout the process to evaluate progress and gaps. 

X.  Hopefully a VIP MASTERMIND Retreat in Person. 

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