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Wondering What Your "Why" is?

Try this To Really Figure Out Your “Why?” I read about doing this exercise in the book, Find Your Why, by Simon Sinek. Write 10 stories about your teen years, go into great detail, and don't generalize them. Write these memories out and don't stop.

Once you’re done begin to look for patterns as to why you do the things you do and where your belief systems may have originated. When you do this you begin to see patterns in these stories that begin to reveal why you do things that you do. I did it and I would encourage you to try it. I wrote out several and as I started to re-read them I discovered at a young age, I showed signs that I was meant to be an entrepreneur. From coordinating talent shows in my neighborhood and selling tickets to it. I was thrilled to see the strengths of each neighborhood kid showcased to all the other neighbors. I loved creating the stage for others, seeing their strengths, and helping give them the confidence to show those gifts. It was bigger than that. I was building my community. As I continued I realized I loved having multiple businesses going at once. I had two paper routes, a recycling business where the neighbors would call me to gather recyclables out of their garage… and having my parents take me once a week to the recycling plant to sell the items. I quickly realized that these businesses were not just to get the papers out and to then clean the papers out, it was about the community. It was the time talking with the people, taking an interest in them, having them take an interest in me, and enjoying the time with each of them. I was building my community. I realized my true Why! We do what we do so that we can feel great. When we feel great we help others to feel great, that they can also do great things! My Why is to help others feel great so that they can do great things! Such a simple exercise. What is your WHY? Email me back and share with me your "Why" and any story that led you to it. I would love to hear it! Continued Success To You!

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