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Want to Know Your Purpose in Life? Look to your Childhood for Clues

Can you remember 10 childhood tales, not the often repeated family ones, but fresh, vivid recollections from your formative years? It's tempting to answer in a broad way like "I loved spending time with friends," yet I urge you to dig deeper. Find that one crystal memory that stands out. There's untold wisdom in those moments that shaped us.

Such reflections are particularly interesting if you're navigating a transition, seeking to deepen trust as a leader, incorporate more fun into your life, or simply become more authentically you. Sharing this exercise with someone close can unveil surprising insights.

My husband and I had fun one evening really talking through 10 memories, uncovering the roots of our passions and predilections. His narratives revolved around sports, validating his current love for all things golf. It was a beautiful reminder of the threads of continuity in our lives.

My own stories painted a different picture. I reminisced about organizing a talent show in my neighborhood, a venture that highlighted my early entrepreneurial flair—despite not having a traditional "talent" to showcase. This spirit of initiative, community, and sheer fun has stayed with me, blossoming into the ventures I lead today.

With the launch of my luxury boutique, I'm tapping into this ethos once again. I've reached out to every woman in my neighborhood, many of whom I've yet to meet, inviting them to a happy hour and boutique preview at my home. 

It's not just about the exquisite items they might find; it's about forging connections, creating a moment of joy, reminiscent of that childhood talent show.

This is more than an event; it's a philosophy. The focus isn't on ensuring a repeat client or customer but on cherishing the present moment. And now, I extend this invitation to you: Reflect on those carefree, joyful endeavors of your youth. How can they inspire your journey today?

Share your story with me at Together, we'll explore how these narratives can illuminate our paths forward, both in business and in life.

P.S. Each of the nine other stories I uncovered has been a beacon for my journey, shedding light on the essence of my boutique and coaching program. I look forward to discovering how yours will inspire us too.


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