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Take your Vacation. You've Earned it and Deserve it.

Take your vacation! I encourage you to take time off whether it's a week, a few days, or one day.

You earned it and you deserve it. Life is short. I often hear people in the corporate world say "I didn't take my vacation time this year." or " I didn't take any time off it's just so busy." as if it were an accomplishment. Many people view NOT taking a vacation as a badge of honor when in reality you are just hurting yourself! Taking a vacation betters all aspects of your life. I find some of my best ideas come from taking some time off and I come back better. Don't just take my word for it though, Here's what Forbes Magazine has to say on the importance of taking time off...

  • Better Brain Health

  • Better Heart Health

  • Boost your Brain Function

  • De-stress

  • And so much more!

I'm taking much needed time this week and spending time with my family. We love Rosemary Beach, FL if you haven't been I highly recommend it. It's beautiful, and the perfect place to unwind and take some time for yourself. Whether you take some time locally or out of state make the time. If you feel you are struggling with this email me back and I'll connect with you once I get back from my trip!

Traveling Can Be Exhausting!

Needed some help picking out my bag. Travel day can be exhausting. I want to be comfortable but also have a cute outfit on. You know I’ve been loving wide-leg pants, these are my favorite ones from Amazon! These pants feel like sweatpants but look much more put together. You can wear them all day when traveling and switch out to a cute top for dinner.

Let's talk!

Struggling with finding balance in your career and personal life? Looking to scale your business? Book a call with me and let's strategize your next steps!

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