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Permission Granted

It is common for us to want to be given permission to succeed. I was on the phone with a client of ours. We own The Marketing Firm and this is an attorney we are helping with his brand, his social media, his emails, the whole deal. He and I went through all his analytics, his strategy as we advance, and his future goals. We had been on the phone for a couple of hours really discussing his brand. He was ecstatic at what we were doing before we hung up he asked, “Is there anything I can help you with?” I have this idea for business. I have actually had this idea for many years. I really want to make it happen in the next year or so, but have not wanted to share this with my family, my friends, or anyone. Why? Because I already know what everyone will say. They’ll want to be supportive but worry I may be working too hard. Who knows maybe I will be. I don’t know why but I blurted out my idea that I have been wanting to do. I caught myself and quickly added “Just tossing the idea around. Don’t know if it will happen.” He said “WHAT? That is a brilliant idea and it goes along with everything you are doing and is 100% who you are.” Really? I was shocked. Did he just validate me and give me permission to succeed? I don’t know why but I find myself granting permission often and today he gave me permission. I am not ready to share the idea yet, but you will be the first to know once I put it all together.

It is common for us to want to be given permission to succeed. To do more, to be more... it brings a sense of serving others when we do things because someone asked us to do them. This is why coaching is so successful. Someone is asking you to become more and granting you permission to do so.

I am going to grant you permission today. Go a step further and do the following... 1. Rise up and show up big every day. 2. Make the video-be vulnerable. 3. Get the photoshoot done. 4. Call the people you want to work with but felt they may be too busy for you. 5. Hire the help you need-you will do more with the help. 6. Be Strategic and have a plan. 7. Be confident knowing you are going to achieve great things this year. 8. Have fun and be present in the journey. 9. Take exceptional care of yourself. 10. Stop worrying about being a great leader and be the person who creates an impact.

Let’s talk style… as I’ve gotten older I’ve struggled a little with style. Anyone else? What to wear, is it too outdated, too young? I am loving this casual and chic look perfect for on the go or in the office.

Let's talk! Struggling with finding balance in your career and personal life? Looking to scale your business? Book a call with me and let's strategize your next steps!

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