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After 30 years, I Left my Corporate Job..

I recently left my corporate job after working in corporate executive leadership with sales teams for 30 years You’re probably wondering why? Simple. I grew as much as I could inside the corporate world. I climbed the ladder and there was not a next position that I strived for that wouldn't involve a lot of travel, and time away from my beautiful family. I also knew that corporate is not set up to flow in my rhythms of productivity.

I loved my corporate job and the company I worked for. The CEO of that company was one of a kind with his heart and passion. The reason I left had nothing to do with corporate, it had everything to do with me. I am a driver. I love building things and most importantly I love building people. I think that is one of my super strengths.

I want to help people understand that some of the best creativity comes with a little less structure. The female rhythm runs differently than the male rhythm. We need time for our thoughts, our home, our family, and ourselves. I want to build my companies by understanding this and by teaching others how to be leaders and coaches, have fun, and that the traditional corporate model needs to be different. It begins with you speaking up, asking for what you need, creating boundaries, and making yourself as valuable as you can!

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Wear what feels good for you!

There would have been a time I probably would have passed on this dress because it was “too tropically” for my liking. I’m so glad I didn’t! This dress was comfy and beautiful to wear for my grandson's baptism. Add a fun bright purse and you just elevated the whole look! The dress is from a boutique the brand is @skemo_ you can find similar dresses on their website, bag is also a boutique I linked some bag Inspo in my bio! Check out my style inspo!

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