I am very excited to be working as a Realtor with EXIT Realty At Home!
This position allows me to utilize my administrative, organizational and strong sales skills along with my knowledge of design/architecture. I couldn't be happier at EXIT Realty At Home. We are an agent run, agent driven company that is supportive & prides itself on education & mentoring opportunities!

My work experience within a wide variety of office environments, including real estate offices, as well as my outgoing personality and attention to detail, are what make me the Realtor you are looking for! I work well with a diverse group of clients, excel at customer service and I pride myself on doing what it takes to make any task successful by managing the details from inception to completion.

At EXIT Realty At Home we truly feel that we are partnering with clients & other Real Estate professionals to meet & exceed your Real Estate Goals. We highly value our clients & customer service is our #1 priority. The relationships we build with our clients is driven by our superior service, communication and an enthusiasm for providing a real estate experience that each client can feel excited about!



$10 million+

Families helped
Families helped
in sales volume  year to date


Years experience in the industry


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